SkatingOur Lessons are held at Woodside – Leisure Centre, Horseshoe Lane, Watford WD25 7HH on Sundays.

The skating lessons are hosted by Sally. All lessons are conducted to meet the teaching criteria of the Federation of Artistic Roller Skating (F.A.R.S) by Sally as an accredited coach.

There are potentially 6 grades that students can pass on their skating journey.

Skating LessonThe skills start from the very basic from those that have never skated before, onwards through the journey to achieving full skills to enter into F.A.R.S competition dances.

The Lessons are held as a fun and inclusive session where as learning formal elements is key but enjoying the session and interacting and having fun with all participants is a key philosophy of Sally.

Skating Lessons are normally held weekly on a Sunday over a 5 week period before receiving a grade test. Should the student reach the technical elements for their grades, then they will be assessed and receive a certificate of achievement for that grade.

Everyone taking part receives a certificate of basic skills if they have not quite made their grade.

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Upcoming Lessons

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